Doppio-scatto qui per cambiare immagine

Denny Cecchini

Collector from 1970

At the end of the 60s, when there was not (fortunately!) yet the playstation and all social today punctuate our lives, I began to read and then to collect both comics and books of theater.

Two passions that I carried on for all these years, further develops and diventanto, contrary to what perhaps wished my mother saw me electronics engineer, an actor, director and screenwriter, and then at the same time a fan of comic books and cards, photos , historical documents, and generally everything that has to do with the "old" paper.

I have accumulated a lot of material for reasons of time and space can not be all listed on this website, from a tram ticket of the 20s to the autographs of very important people, from the smallest curiosity paper to document historically significant. All things found in flea markets over the years, from junk shops or purchased by private collectors and others.

Complementarily I also partially expanded my area of interest to the objects and in fact you will find the site also some toys, especially the soldiers!, and a bit of military objects.

 Everything still strictly original and within the 70s except for very rare and important exceptions.

Happy surfing!